4-in-1 Pet Wheeled Carrier


Can be used as a shoulder carrier, backpack, travel cart and pet car seat, etc.

The EVA material passed stress-crack test, and is waterproof. This FC1008 will offer your fur baby a cozy motorhome.

This cleverly designed pet 'trolley' is super nifty, truly multi functional both for efficiency and your pets comfort. Use it as a wheeled pet carrier with it's extended handle jet set style or convert the carrier into a car seat in a few easy steps. Turn it into a shoulder bag or use it as a backpack fitting perfectly snug against your back, just adjust the padded shoulder straps accordingly. The InnoPet Trolley is also completely foldable including the carrier! Your all in one compact pet trolley ready for any trip with your best friend. Ideal for small dog breeds.


Recommended Weight Limit: 8kg; 17.6 lbs
N.W.: Total 3.0kg;6.57lbs
(Carrier 1.8 kg; 3.97lbs / Trolley 1.2kg; 2.6lbs)
Carriage Dimensions: L50 W30 H34 (cm); L19.7 W11.8 H13.4 (in)
Carriage Folded Dimensions: L50.5 W33 H10.5 (cm); L19.9 W13 H4.2 (in)
Trolley Dimensions: L39.5 W32.5 H96.5 (cm); L15.6 W12.8 H38.0 (in)
Trolley Folded Dimensions: L56.5 W23.5 H8.5 (cm);  L22.3 W9.3 H3.4 (in)
Accessories: Removable pad / Shoulder Strap X1

Care & Maintenance

Spot cleaning , handwash. Cold. Do not expose to sun directly. Dry flat in shade.
Lime Green